3 Steps to Create Your Unforgettable, Dream-Client-Attracting, Brand

And always know exactly what to say in your content marketing

If you want a brand that feels 100% aligned to you and calls in your ideal clients – without feeling like you’re copying what everyone else around you is saying – these 3 steps are where you start. 

In this guide, I explain what fundamentally makes a brand unforgettable – and how to uncover this for your business.

After following these steps you’ll have everything you need to…

  • identify the core pillars of your brand
  • explain your brand to your ideal clients
  • make your messaging stand out from your competitors
  • pre-sell your clients on working with you, before you even get on a sales call

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about being overwhelmed by your content again.

Whether you get confused because you have so many ideas, or frustrated because you don’t have any, I’ll show you how to eliminate that stuck. You’ll always be moving!


I’m Gabrielle Gweneth, a brand coach and writer. I help my clients develop their brands and their messaging through storytelling. 

Through my own work and my relationship with my clients I’ve seen how stories are powerful tools are to connect with ourselves, connect with others and initiate major change: in this instance – getting your people to reach out and hire you!  

I’m thrilled to share this simple, 3-step guide with you.

Gabrielle Gweneth
picture of Gabrielle Gweneth